OCTOBER 2014: Articles from our monthly print edition

21 Oct 2014

Regulatory 101, uncertainty reigns

Perhaps most notable about the report from the A.M. Best company, is its thorough accounting of the industry’s proliferate regulatory concerns. Ongoing changes include: (Read more)

21 Oct 2014

Advisor screening spurs data sharing initiative

Advisor information – the type typically sought by compliance departments – is the latest data set industry collaborators hope to standardize and centralize, making it available to those who need it, without the manual and redundant processes in place today. (Read more)

21 Oct 2014

B2B Bank strives to regain advisor confidence

Hurdles in the integration of AGF Trust have irked some of B2B Bank’s advisor clients. When the integration wraps up in late October, CEO François Desjardins thinks his company’s image will emerge stronger for it, even if the level of service has declined, he told The Insurance and Investment Journal in a strategic interview. (Read more)

21 Oct 2014

Stable rating for life industry: A.M. Best

Conditions are reasonably good for insurance companies right now, and company behaviour is also quite good from a risk-management standpoint, leading ratings agency, A.M. Best Company, to say their industry outlook is a stable one for the life and health industry in Canada. (Read more)

21 Oct 2014

New group CI product aims to improve definitions

Attempt to get away from standard Critical Illness (CI) benchmark definitions when trying to underwrite a better product, and there are going to be delays. (Read more)

21 Oct 2014

Niche Market Leadership outweighs quest for market share

B2B Bank CEO François Desjardins thinks market share is deceptive for players that offer advisors banking services. In fact, an institution’s ability to dedicate itself exclusively to advisors is the most important yardstick. (Read more)

21 Oct 2014

Leverage your Learning with a Study Group

How do I go about setting up a study group? (Read more)

21 Oct 2014

Older clients may face a number of challenges

The clients you have worked with for many years will have their finances in order as they move into retirement. But new clients who come to you may need help in making a successful transition from their accumulation years to their de-accumulation years. (Read more)

21 Oct 2014

Using power of attorney to create a trust for a attorney

At issue

A person may grant power of attorney to one or more others to make decisions about the grantor’s property. Such powers may operate concurrent with the grantor’s own capability to make decisions, and may allow such decisions to be made when the grantor is incapable. Though the terminology and rules vary a bit, each province allows the execution of a legally binding document of this nature. (Read more)

21 Oct 2014

MGA distribution faces several challenges

On many fronts the MGA Channel has the same old, same old problems, but these get compounded when faced with new regulatory, compliance, contractual and technology issues steaming toward them. Are all MGA’s ready for what’s about to hit them? Have some been so busy in their business, they’ve been neglecting to “look both ways”. Can all MGA’s survive? Will the life companies let them all survive? (Read more)

21 Oct 2014

Robust first six months for segregated funds and annuities

Premiums grew in all annuity market segments, both in the second quarter of 2014 versus a year earlier, and in the first half of the year compared with the same period in 2013. In particular, there was a major upsurge for segregated funds, which ended 2013 down from 2012. (Read more)

21 Oct 2014

Desjardins revamps Helios2 in anticipation of rising interest rates

Desjardins Insurance has tweaked features of its guaranteed withdrawal benefits product Helios2. The insurer says that market conditions for guaranteed lifetime withdrawal products have evolved favorably, and wants its customers to benefit. (Read more)

21 Oct 2014

Progress on electronic data feeds is imperative MGAs tell insurers

While some Canadian MGAs are moving along well in implementing electronic feeds, there are still those using older-fashioned methods, including inputting data by hand. (Read more)

02 Oct 2014

Allianz Global Assistance and TIC Travel to Merge

On September 30, Allianz Global Assistance Canada and the Co-operators Life Insurance Company’s subsidiary TIC Travel Insurance Coordinators announced plans to merge their Canadian operations. (Read more)

21 Oct 2014

B2B Bank propels the profitability of Laurentian Bank

B2B Bank is definitely a growth engine for Laurentian Bank. (Read more)