APRIL 2015: Articles from our monthly print edition

23 Apr 2015

There’s more to succession than getting the best price

Are older advisors sitting on their renewal commissions rather than selling their books of business? This is a myth, say experts on the subject. What they lack is a program that will encourage them to take action. Planning early for succession, the presence of the seller to support the handover, and a commission splitting formula are all key ingredients to the success of these transactions. (Read more)

21 Apr 2015

Disclosure and compliance will influence value of books of business

Disclosure requirements that come into effect on July 15, 2016 and the ever-increasing burden of compliance will influence the way advisors’ books of insurance and investment business are valued. (Read more)

21 Apr 2015

Sell the way your prospects buy

How do I convince prospects to let me program their complete life insurance portfolio? (Read more)

21 Apr 2015

Agent-free online insurance sales given greenlight in Quebec

Consumers will not have to get advice from a representative before buying an insurance product on the web, says Quebec’s financial markets regulator, the Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF). It announced this decision in a report published on April 2. (Read more)

21 Apr 2015

Burning a Will requires intent to result in revocation

At issue

There are a number of ways that a Will may be revoked. Although the requirements vary somewhat by province, the avenues include execution of a new Will, making a written declaration of revocation, entering into marriage (in some provinces), and destruction of a current Will. (Read more)

21 Apr 2015

Run your business as if it’s always for sale

Learning to work with your business’ value drivers on an ongoing basis will help you get the highest price for your efforts when you’re finally approached or ready to sell. (Read more)

21 Apr 2015

New Succession Program at HUB Financial

HUB Financial plans to launch a new succession planning program for its advisors sometime in April or May. The program will also make some kind of financing available, but the managing general agency has yet to determine what form it will take. (Read more)

21 Apr 2015

Reduce tax bite with effective estate planning

Advisors have the opportunity to help small-and-medium-size business clients create estate plans that will minimize the tax payable upon the client’s death, provide for family members and reduce conflict among beneficiaries. (Read more)