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JANUARY 2015: Articles from our monthly print edition

29 Jan 2015

Canadians must take more responsibility to have financially secure retirements

As Canadians live longer, they will need to be savvy about their finances to enjoy security in their golden years, a recent Fidelity Investments retirement survey suggests. (Read more)

27 Jan 2015

Financial advisors can help business owners make a successful start

Note to readers: This is the first in a series of articles by Rosemary McCracken on how financial advisors can help their business owner clients. This series will be published over the next few months in The Insurance and Investment Journal. (Read more)

27 Jan 2015

Regulators Preparing Future Capital Requirements

After considering the information collected during its sixth quantitative impact study (QIS 6), which was carried out in November, Canadian regulators are preparing their future capital requirements for life insurers. (Read more)

27 Jan 2015

New Exempt Test Legislation – Evolutionary, not Revolutionary

Bill C-43 implements the changes to the tax regime for insurance contracts that were first introduced in the 2012 federal budget speech. The primary changes that are implemented by this legislation are changes to the exempt test for life insurance policies, changes to the calculation of the adjusted cost base (ACB) of insurance policies, the introduction of a new disposition for multi-life universal life policies and an update of the taxation of prescribed annuities. (Read more)

27 Jan 2015

Experts optimistic about investment opportunities in 2015

Canada will continue to lag the United States when it comes to equities and growth in 2015, but there is nevertheless great optimism for investment opportunities in Canada and elsewhere for financial advisors and their clients, an Empire Club luncheon was told in early January. (Read more)

27 Jan 2015

Make it easy for prospects to buy

How can I make it easier for clients and prospects to do business with me? (Read more)

27 Jan 2015

Insurers need to stay vigilant to deter cyber thieves

Even before cyber threats on the release of the film “The Interview” and a cyber attack on Sony’s PlayStation Network, consultants were cautioning insurance companies about cyber thieves – especially those that operate “on the dirty side of the Internet.” (Read more)

27 Jan 2015

RRSP treated as LIFO in bankruptcy

At issue

Insolvency is generally the condition of not being able to meet one’s debts as they come due. In turn, bankruptcy is the legal status under which such a person’s insolvency may be managed through the courts. (Read more)

27 Jan 2015

Time is ripe to harmonize insurance and securities regulation says AMF

Harmonizing insurance and securities regulation has been a niggling issue for many years, in Canada and beyond. Quebec’s financial markets regulator, the Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF), thinks that “the time is ripe” for reflection on this topic. A key goal: apply the same commission disclosure rules to segregated funds and mutual funds. (Read more)